Services is a hi-tech income tax preparation service. We are a team of tax professionals, fully trained and experienced in handling any tax return, any tax issue no matter how simple or complex.

  • Federal, State and City Income Taxes – We handle every form, every state, every city.
  • Audit Assistance & Government Notices – If the government is nipping at your heels, we are here to help resolve any tax problem, any tax issue.
  • Non-Filers and Late Filers – We can go back to the beginning of time to get your filings up-to-date!
  • Self Employed, Small Business Returns – We can help you get your information organized, assist with strategic planning and prepare the appropriate small business tax filings so that you operate effectively and efficiently.
  • New Business Start-Up – No problem for etax Extra …certified and experienced accountants can assist you with the necessary Federal and State filings to get you up and running asap. Information regarding entity selection is free for the asking …contact us today!
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