Expatriate Tax Returns

Living abroad, but still need to file a US tax return? We’ve got the knowledge and experience it takes to get it done right and filed on time from the convenience of your computer! Complete the client census and note your “expat” status so that you get all the special tax advantages you deserve.



Individual Tax Returns

Need to file your Federal, State or City income tax return? We handle every Federal Form possible, all 50 States and every city in the USA. Our tax package is complete and refund ready including efiling! †


At this time. our virtual services center around individual tax preparation. These services include the preparation of:

  • Individual Federal Form 1040A
  • Individul Federal Form 1040EZ
  • Individual Federal Form 1040
  • Individual Federal Form 1040X
  • Schedule A – Itemized Deductions
  • Schedule B – Interest/Dividends
  • Schedule C – Profit/Loss From Business (Sole Proprietor/Single Person LLC)
  • Schedule D – Capital Gains and Losses
  • Schedule E – Rental Property / K-1
  • Schedule EIC – Earned Income Credit
  • Schedule F – Profit/Loss from Farm
  • Schedule H – Household Employee
  • Schedule J – Farm Income Averaging
  • Schedule M – Making Work Pay Credits New
  • Schedule R – Elderly Credit
  • Schedule SE – Self-Empoyment Tax
  • All related forms #1099–#9465
  • All US States – Individual, Small Business, Franchise Tax Returns
  • All US Cities – Individual, Small Business


† Most cities don’t offer efiling services at this time. If you require a city tax return, a ready to file return will be provided to you through email or “snail” (US) mail, as required

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