Sharing that small business with additional friends or family? Simply let us know and we will report your small business or real estate partnership as a joint venture on your Form 1040 and provide our calculations to your other partners, as well. Let’s talk about LLC’s vs. S Corporation status so that we can file the necessary papers with your State to limit your liability in years to come.



Small Businesses

Small businesses can have BIG questions. Finding the right answers is the challenge! Over the years we have helped hundreds of clients get their business off the ground, grow and increase profitability. From planning to preparation, inception to merger, sole proprietorship to incorporation, we can get where you want to go!

A word about etax extra

If you are just starting your own business, or have been around for a while and looking for a fresh start, etax extra can help! We are experienced business development specialists, “made in America” real professionals who know what business is all about: forms, filings, business plans, strategies, revenue building, expense control …we know it, we do it, we can help you thru it. Contact us today!

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